total dog shirt owner, James Hall



My name is James Hall and I’m the artist behind every design in the store.

Total Dog Shirt was born in 2019 when I decided to set up a platform to sell my artwork in a way that anyone can enjoy. All my designs start life scribbled into my sketchbook or on a piece of scrap paper, often when I’m meant to be doing something important or listening to someone. I then scan them, load them in Procreate on my iPad where I trace them: turning them into finished designs that can be turned into t-shirts.

Drawing and making artwork are the things I love most and I do my best to pour that passion into every shirt I make. If you wear a Total Dog Shirt, in a way, you’re wearing a little piece of me: like a well-dressed serial killer.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the graphic t-shirt medium and feel like my art has finally found its spiritual home on the torsos of humanity. If you’re a no BS t-shirt lover who doesn’t take life too seriously then I made these for you.


Wanna reach out? You can get hold of me at: james@totaldogshirt.com


P.S It’s called Total Dog Shirt because it sounds like ‘total dog sh*t’ which is, as you well know, hilarious.